CIRCLE CARE Center (CCC) provides quality, sensitive and comprehensive primary care targeted to meet the health needs of the LGBTQ and transgender communities and people living with HIV/AIDS. Primary care means having a relationship with a medical provider and a team of clinical and support staff who will work with you. Our highly skilled staff keep you healthy, are easily accessible when you are sick with common ailments (flu, sexually transmitted infections, fevers, etc.), and help you to manage chronic medical, psychological and substance-related health problems (HIV/AIDS, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, substance abuse, etc.). Primary care at CCC means you have a “medical home,” where you and your care team know each other – a place where you are welcomed and cared for.

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At CCC you will be able to select a medical provider who best meets your needs. Please see our listing of providers, which describes their backgrounds and specialty areas. We have staff who are bilingual and fluent in Spanish. We encourage patients to call and make an appointment for a consultation to establish a primary care relationship and prepare for an annual wellness visit. In this and subsequent visits, we will gather complete health history, screen you for health issues you might not be aware of (such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure) and offer vaccinations to prevent health problems. Your provider will also speak with you about your emotional health and if you are experiencing problems with smoking, alcohol or other drug use. CCC can help in those areas as well. Remember, your primary care provider and our team are not just here for when you are sick, but also to help keep you healthy through preventive screenings.

CCC follows a team approach to primary care. In this model, not only will you have a primary care provider, but you will also meet other members of the team, including a registered nurse and a certified medical assistant who can also help meet many of your medical needs. The nursing and administrative support staff on your care team also play other important roles, like helping you get appointments, be seen quickly when you are here, providing you with information about conditions and treatments, assistance with prescription renewals and prior authorizations, and helping to refer you to specialists when needed.